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Monday, April 6, 2009

Cue Prompter

One of the online tools I have trialled this term is Cue Prompter's online teleprompter. It works in the same fashion as it is used for television news, with text scrolling up from the bottom of the screen. Apart from the novelty of this form of reading, my students have been fully engaged in this activity as ‘they can’t afford to stop reading’.

The features include speed control, pause and reverse functions, font size and the choice of black text on white background and vice versa. It is simply a matter of copying and pasting text into the site and within seconds, the text reappears in the teleprompter format.

I have used Cue Prompter as the basis for comprehension activities, grammar and editing activities, showcasing student work to the whole class and to model writing (this has saved heaps of paper previously used for exemplars). It has also allowed me greater insight into the reading practises of my students who instantly debrief with one another at the end of the text. I can also ensure that reading has occurred particularly for those students who ‘zone out’ during Sustained Silent Reading. It has worked successfully across Year 7-12 and I see a regular place for this tool in my teaching.

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